“Gus Monteleone is a caring, proactive and generous manager who is always willing to help in any situation. When dealing with an issue, he will bend over backwards to assist and will always follow through until a satisfactory conclusion has been achieved. I am very happy to have him leading our branch.”
Andrea Morrison
Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

“Brokerage managers can often seem remote and unavailable due to their workload and corporate responsibilities. At the very least, their role is to guide agents through awkward issues and circumstances outside our experience. Manager Gus Monteleone goes above and beyond that basic role. He is really interested in how my business is performing. He has offered me countless ideas and opportunities to improve it, and is willing to coach me to achieve my best.
He has actively helped me push myself beyond my natural comfort zone. As a result I have expanded my experience as a Realtor and improved my confidence as an expert in my field. Gus makes himself available evenings and weekends – when I call him, he actually answers his phone and I get the immediate response and guidance I need. I feel like he has my back when the going gets tough and that means the world to me.”
Deirdre Slowey
Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

“Gus Monteleone is professional, knowledgeable, and has strong managerial and people skills. He is extremely approachable and available 24/7 (and not just in theory, since I’ve actually tested that many times). On several occasions, I have needed his advice or assistance with a deal; each time, I was overwhelmed with his sensitivity, knowledge and clear thinking.
Gus is extremely well versed in internet technology, and print and online marketing, and is incredibly helpful to any agent who isn’t quite as tech-savvy. He holds relevant, informative, no-fluff meetings – and he’s clearly interested in having his agents succeed.”
Lina Kuliavas
Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

 "Being a part of the Royal LePage family has been an incredible experience thanks to the wonderful support of our fabulous manager Gus Monteleone. He has been a vital part of the success of our business and we compliment him on the knowledge and expertise that he brings to our industry. Whenever we have required any advice or support, Gus has always been available to help us through our challenging situations."
Karla Wardle and Emir Dickson
Sales Representatives, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

“Gus is a motivated manager of numerous talents and considerable self-discipline. His enthusiasm and dedication are inspiring and motivating. He has always taken the time to help me when I need it, and especially with any computer related issues.”
 Niraj Sharma
Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage